W. L. Gore & Associates

Contextualising a global brand for local relevance and impact.

Gore is an American materials science company supplying innovative solutions to industries around the world. But despite China’s leading smartphone penetration, the company’s online portal was performing poorly on mobile. It took prospective customer longer to find the information they need, causing unnecessary delays in the sales process.

To tackle this challenge, Gore partnered with Common to tap into the social and digital behaviours in the region. We then introduced Gore Connect , a pilot one-to-one sales and marketing tool in the form of a WeChat Mini-Program. The tool was well received by the industry as well as internally, as plans to scale the tool into more sectors and geographies are under way.

Research & Insights
Product Design
Experience Strategy
Minimising the risk of new products with a strategic, measured approach.
Cross-functional stakeholders.

Team members from sales, marketing and product provided diverse perspectives and identified bottlenecks and opportunities.

Start small, validate then scale.

Despite the size of Gore’s business, we limited the scope of the Automotive segment first to test our value proposition.

Steps to locate information
Task success rate

The WeChat mini-program delivered exceptional DX for our customers by reducing their search efforts and accelerating the development process. Common helped us adopt a design thinking approach to great success. It enabled us to complete the first MVP in short 3 months, while giving us the confidence to think bigger for what’s next!

Tao Xiao Jing
Digital Experience Lead