Mixing the right elements for a holistic, customer-centric brand.

As the strategic partner for Spacebar, Common helped the startup evolve from a cocktail caterer to a provider of premium pop-up bar experiences. The brand joined Common as a startup-in-residence in 2018. And worked with our designers to refine their value proposition and business model.

Our work with Spacebar spans Common’s full end-to-end capabilities, from strategy and design to development and go-to-market planning. The result was a premium brand positioning, a differentiated customer experience, and a robust suite of tools for Spacebar to continue innovating on their service promise. Spacebar now didn’t have to restrict itself to competing on price and was able to pull ahead of its competitors with a unique value proposition.

Business Design
Research & Insights
Service Design
Branding & Identity
Industrial Design
Differentiating a premium brand experience in a price-sensitive market.
Spotting opportunities.

We formulated a lean business model that identified likely sources of new revenue as well as untapped areas of growth within existing markets.

Personalised narratives.

Each Spacebar pop-up is designed to tell the story of its clients — brands and event hosts — through a unique and unforgettable experience.

Lead conversion rate
Net Promoter Score

Customers are no longer just buying products or services; they’re paying
for experiences.

Allen Xiong
Spacebar Founder