World’s first orthopaedic cast that accelerates and improve recovery.

The Modcast team comprises a group of technopreneurs working in the healthcare space. They came to Common with a groundbreaking idea to revolutionise the orthopaedic cast industry, but are unsure of how to take it forward to attract investors.

Our designers collaborated with the Modcast team across 3 months to design and develop a modular, reusable and digitally-enabled cast that eliminates issues of recovery and discomfort present in traditional cast systems. We also helped to patent their intrinsic technologies and formulate a robust commercialization plan.

Within 2 months of building the product, Modcast was offered its first term sheet from a group of undisclosed US investors. The 1- year-old startup is currently working closely with the Philips Healthcare incubator and is valued at 8 million SGD.

Research & Insights
Branding & Identity
Innovation Strategy
Product Design
Prototyping a Minimally Valuable Product to gauge market and investor interest.
Paper to prototype:
First term sheet within:
In-built prognostics:

Real-time monitoring system prevents musculoskeletal recovery complications before they happen.

The case for good.

Modular, reusable form factor and sustainably constructed with biocompostible viscoelastic material.

It takes grit to reinvent a segment (orthopaedic cast) that hasn’t been reinvent for almost 30 years. Common’s innovation philosophy and process aid us in designing a disruptive product and sustainable business model.

Chao Yu Ming
Founder of Modcast